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Medicine Ceremonies

*Prior to Sacred Medicine Ceremony*

Unless there are unusual circumstances and it is discussed first with one of the facilitators, new participants must first participate in a Sacred Breath Ceremony. Breath Ceremonies at this time are held on a monthly basis. We want to stress that a medicine ceremony is a very powerful healing tool and to be prepared to come in with an intention and willingness to go deep within yourself for healing. These ceremonies are not to be treated as “a new experience” or for curiosity sake. This is a sacred, holy medicine. Medicine Ceremony is not a magic bullet, but will create deep shifts that are very difficult to make outside of plant medicine. Please know there is further work for you to do when the ceremony is over to obtain the deepest changes. The healing medicine sets in motion a very serious inner spiritual work that requires processing and integration. This spiritual work must be approached with complete and total integrity on everyone's part. It is never to be taken lightly.

We do not ‘Take, Use or Do’ any sacred medicine. We ‘Sit, Commune, Learn and Listen’ to these sacred medicines. We honor them and what they have to teach us. Please always come to the medicine in a respectful way, with a very clear intent on what you are looking for spiritually. 


*Sacred Medicine Ceremonies & Sign up*

Medicine Ceremonies usually fill up as they are mainly held in my backyard tipi and we only have 16 spots open per ceremony, which we hold monthly. 

To Register-  Signup for ceremonies through the event page of my website:

This is a non-refundable contribution and if you are unable to attend, the spot would need to be filled in order to get a refund- we want to ensure that there is a serious commitment on each participant's part.


A charitable contribution is a gift, and a gift is a transfer of all of a donor’s “dominion and control” over the donated amount, regardless of amount of contribution. Therefore, there are no “refunds” for contribution of any amount. You should always make a contribution for services that are given as it is an even exchange of energy. These contributions will go towards obtaining more medicine for branch members, paying traveling road men to bring medicine and to get back home, needs of elders, supplies and much more.


*Other Contributions*


Loose leaf tobacco, white sage, cedar, copal - It is traditional when going to Medicine Ceremony to bring tobacco as an offering for the Medicine Person running the ceremony. It is not required, but if you’d like to bring an offering, please bring something all natural. We recommend the brand, American Spirit. Other Items to contribute could be Sage, Cedar, Sweet Grass or other sacred herbs. You can acquire these items at any Trading Post, Spiritual Stores or some smoke shops for the tobacco. 


 *Time Commitments in Ceremony*

If the ceremony is during the day, the usual start time is 9:30 am and it can last anywhere between 8 -12 hours, please plan accordingly. If it is an all night ceremony it usually starts around 9:00 pm and we go anywhere from sunrise to around 9 am- please do not attend if you are going to be working the morning you get out of ceremony. It is advised not to schedule activities right after the ceremony to allow yourself to rest and process the healing that has occurred during the ceremony. Integration after ceremony is also very important work. Plan to stay in the ceremony during the whole duration.

*Please note: Once the sacred medicine is passed out, you will not be allowed to leave the tipi, you have then made your commitment to stay for the duration of the ceremony.


*Sitting in Ceremony & Respect*

Please try and sit up and stay present during the duration of the ceremony. When someone is talking, please listen and stay present with that person as well as present with what might be going on with yourself internally. 

Please do not have side conversations, as this is very disruptive to those around you and distract from the person being helped. Please do not jump in to try and help another person process what is coming up for them. If you feel strongly about saying something to help them out, first go inward and see how that might pertain to your own experience and what is coming up for you and how that can best assist yourself.

Please come to the ceremony to focus on yourself. This is a time to be reflective and connected with Spirit and what is going on with yourself. Unless you are asked to assist in some way, please stay present with yourself and if wanting to help someone else in the circle we ask that you send prayers and hold space for them rather than going over to them or talking them through what they are experiencing. 

You have come to ceremony to spend this time for yourself. We have facilitators and gate keepers to hold the space and assist those in need and those that are processing. Please allow them to assist rather than trying to assist them yourself. 


*Respect for Our Medicine Women & Facilitators*

Linda has spent over 25 years working with this sacred medicine and these ceremonies. She has dedicated much of her life to this work and these ways as well as preserving a way for us to pray in these sacred circles. As a medicine woman, Linda has also worked in the prison system, helping reduce recidivism rates, and brought new insight into this ceremony healing work. She has spent years of studying, not only on how to work with this sacred sacrament and prepare it but also how to safely conduct ceremony with many different groups of people. This is a very committed lifestyle and she continues her training. 

Lana has also spent over 17 years with this sacred medicine. Lana has also worked with individuals for over 25 years with a background in clinical social work, as well as specialized training in trauma and breath work.  She and Linda have spent much time training and learning the most helpful ways in facilitation as well as helping people process what is coming up for them. They are both certified in different specialties. Linda and Lana’s ability to intuit the core cause of pain and suffering has assisted many people to move forward on their healing journey. We also have trained gatekeepers, including our fire tender to help anchor the space in the circle as well as assisting during ceremony. Please make sure that you always address them in a respectful way, especially in sacred medicine ceremonies.

*Respect for Grandfather Fire in Ceremony*

When you enter the tipi or the circle, please walk around the fire in a clockwise direction. You will do this each time you enter the tipi. Do not walk in front of someone that is getting well (throwing up) in the fire, or someone that is holding medicine as they are still working with the fire. We ask that if you need to leave to go to the bathroom, you ask one of the gatekeepers before you do so. Do not throw anything into the sacred fire as the fire is blessed and holding space for everyone in the circle. In Ceremony, the fire is our representation of Spirit/Creator. The sacred fire composts, transmutes and assists us in ceremony. Please do not sit with your feet out in front of you and directly facing the fire, we ask this as a sign of respect towards the fire. We also have a fire keeper that is in charge of the fire- please do not work with the fire unless asked.


*Keeping Ceremony Sacred*

People may share very deeply and vulnerably in ceremony. We create a safe space within these circles for people to share. When leaving ceremony, you may go out and share your own experience from the ceremony, but please keep what others have shared private and sacred. You should not be sharing anyone else’s experience from the ceremony and what was shared. 


*Clothing for Ceremony*

Women: Please wear a long skirt or dress. You may also wear a shawl that covers your shoulders. If you are wearing moccasins, you can keep them on during the ceremony- all shoes are to be left outside the tipi or behind where you are sitting in the winter time. This also pertains if we are in a circle in a home or outside. 

Men: Please wear comfortable pants. If you are wearing moccasins, you can keep them on during the ceremony- all shoes are to be left outside the tipi or behind where you are sitting in the winter time. This also pertains if we are in a circle in a home or outside.


*What to bring with you in the Tipi*

Please bring blankets or a pillow to sit on. You may bring a small chair such as a backjack or small stadium chair. More chairs will create less room in the circle so please be mindful of this and only bring one if you have physical needs that would prevent you from sitting on the floor with blankets and a pillow for the duration of the ceremony. If we are outside during the cold weather months, please bring layers and enough warm clothes. 


*Food & Wood Assignments for Ceremony*

This is a co-creation and we ask that everyone participating in the ceremony bring a food assignment or bundle of wood for the ceremony. We will eat after the ceremony and this food usually consists of roast, potatoes, beans, salad/vegetables, fruit, bread, chips and salsa, and something sweet. Other assignments can include paper products for eating as well as kleenex for during the ceremony. If you have a preference you may request that.


*Diet Before & After Ceremony*

NO alcohol or other drugs (besides prescription medications) within 24 hours before and after the ceremony. Please also report the prescription medications you are taking or any other health concerns BEFORE the ceremony, to Linda or Lana. We also do not mix any sacred medicines or sacraments. Please do not sit with any other sacred medicine 24 hours before or after the Medicine ceremony, exceptions would be Hape or Sananga but these medicines are NOT to be worked with during the ceremony. Eat lightly or fast prior to sitting with the medicine.

*After Ceremony & Leaving Ceremony Space*

 After the ceremony, we eat and get grounded before driving home. Please check in with Linda, Lana or one of the gatekeepers from ceremony prior to leaving the ceremony space. When you go to bed after a ceremony, have a candle going in your room as this medicine works with the fire and light and you can continue to work with Grandfather Fire with the candle. 

Upcoming Ceremonies

  • Water Breath~ Hape/Sananga
    Water Breath~ Hape/Sananga
    Sun, Jun 02
    Jun 02, 2024, 3:00 PM – 6:00 PM
    Draper, Draper, UT, USA
    Jun 02, 2024, 3:00 PM – 6:00 PM
    Draper, Draper, UT, USA
    This will be in a salt water pool/hot tub in Draper. We will also be serving hape' and Sanga after your breath. there is space for 10 participants and it will be canceled if we do not enough signed up.
  • All Night Medicine Ceremony
    All Night Medicine Ceremony
    Fri, Jul 12
    West Jordan, UT, USA
    Jul 12, 2024, 10:00 PM – Jul 13, 2024, 7:00 AM
    West Jordan, UT, USA
    Jul 12, 2024, 10:00 PM – Jul 13, 2024, 7:00 AM
    West Jordan, UT, USA
    All night ceremonies tend to be more intense than daytime ceremonies. I would not advise an all night ceremony if this is your first time with the medicine or if you do not have a lot of experience with plant medicine ceremonies. ONAC membership is required.
  • Women's Retreat
    Women's Retreat
    Thu, Sep 26
    Hobble Creek Canyon, Utah 84663, USA
    Sep 26, 2024, 5:30 PM MDT – Sep 29, 2024, 11:00 AM MDT
    Hobble Creek Canyon, Utah 84663, USA
    Sep 26, 2024, 5:30 PM MDT – Sep 29, 2024, 11:00 AM MDT
    Hobble Creek Canyon, Utah 84663, USA
    Medicine Ceremony~ Breath Ceremony~ Water Breath~ Energy Alignment~ Women's Circle~ Food~Lodging~Connection~Healing~Fun!

Semi-Private Medicine Ceremonies


If you have your own group of 4 people and are interested in setting up a semi-private ceremony, please contact me so we can go over availability.

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