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Inner Transformations is a branch of Oklevueha Native American Church.  We offer monthly medicine ceremonies with sacred grandfather medicine~ peyote.  We hold these ceremonies in the tipi year round in Salt Lake City, Utah.   We also offer monthly breath ceremonies in which we utilize a specific breathing pattern to allow for emotional release work, a very powerful process.  We also offer water breath ceremonies during out retreats and one to two times a year when we are able to gain access to a pool/hot tub.

We also offer 1-2 Women's retreats a year that utilize the medicine ceremony, breath ceremony, water breath, and energy alignments.

The medicine ceremonies are facilitated by Linda Mooney and Lana Fink~ both offer individual healing sessions.


Medicine space for our medicine ceremonies located in
West Jordan, Utah
For more information about Oklevueha Native American Church
For more information about Lana Fink, president of Inner Transformation
branch of ONAC
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